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The students, our community, and an atmosphere of good fellowship are at the heart of our Mayagüez University Center. Located in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, its new facilities include 24-hour security, ample classrooms, a modern computer lab, and sufficient parking space.

University Center Benefits

  • Explore our academic programs; earn your bachelor’s degree in a variety of undergraduate programs or pursue a master’s or doctoral degrees through our graduate programs.
  • Continuing education courses are also offered in our facilities. You can view these courses in the events calendar below.
  • This facility hosts an Albizu Clinic that offers a variety of services while serving as a practice center for our students.

Studying at Albizu University (AU) is a unique experience. We are fully committed to helping students excel in their academic work, while fostering their high level of dedication to service and research. Among the many benefits of pursuing a degree through one of our undergraduate programs or graduate programs, we highlight the following:

Academic excellence

  • We are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).
  • According to the National Science Foundation, Albizu University is ranked among the best universities in the United States that grant doctorates to Hispanic students.
  • It has an Interdisciplinary Baccalaureate, unique in Puerto Rico, with a concentration in Psychology or Speech and Language Therapy.
  • The Master of Science in Industrial / Organizational Psychology was selected as the best program in Florida and the southeastern United States. It also ranks third in the country, according to an independent student survey.
  • The PhD in Industrial / Organizational Psychology has been recognized among the twenty most important in the United States.
  • San Juan’s PhD in Clinical Psychology received the Example of Excellence award in Education in 2011, being the only university in Puerto Rico to receive said award.
  • The Master of Science degree educational program in speech-language pathology at Albizu University is accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
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Mayagüez University Center

Front of the Albizu University Mayaguez University Center

Address: Carr. 64 Esquina Calle #3
Urb. Industrial Algarrobos, Mayagüez, P.R. 00680

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Academic Programs

Interdisciplinary Baccalaureate Psychology Concentration

Program available in the following locations:

Graduate Certificate in Autism

Program available in the following locations:

Master of Science in School Psychology

Program available in the following locations:

Master of Science in Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Program available in the following locations:

Master of Science in Neuropsychology

Program available in the following locations:

Master of Science in Counseling Psychology

Program available in the following locations:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Program available in the following locations:

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology

Program available in the following locations:

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BI)

Program available in the following locations:

Master of Science in Speech and Language Pathology

Program available in the following locations:

Our Services

  • Clinical services focused on mental health as well as speech and language pathology
  • Professional Certificates Program and Continuing Education
  • Collaborative agreements with several agencies, schools, and corporations to diversify our students' practicum centers.

Registrar’s Office

Our mission is to ensure that all enrollment and retention processes comply with AU’s academic policies as well as with institutional norms established by state and federal regulations. We also safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of all academic records.

We provide students with a variety of services during their studies. These include maintaining academic records, issuing official academic transcripts, verifying grade reports and graduation eligibility, and coordinating class registration.

In our Mayagüez University Center, we have an integrated services office that offers all Admissions, Financial Aid, Finance and Registrar services. This office is located in the administrative area in our lobby and its phone number is (787)-838-7272, ext. 7144, 7155.

The following steps must be completed before a degree is conferred:

  1. The student must submit an application for graduation and pay the corresponding fee. The student should go to the Tuition and Fees section of this catalog for more information. The fee is nonrefundable and is required to process the application. Moreover, this fee is mandatory regardless of the candidate’s attendance to the commencement ceremony.
  2. The Registrar’s Office reviews the student’s record to ensure that it is complete.
  3. Upon recommendation of the Faculty and the Chancellor, the Office of the President reviews the student’s record and requests approval for degree conferment from the Board of Trustees. The conferment of academic degrees is the sole province of the Board of Trustees.
  4. The Office of the President forwards a copy of the final approval to the Registrar’s Office.
  5. Once the letter of approval is received, the Registrar’s Office sends the student a letter stating the date of degree conferment and the date the diploma will be available for pick-up.

Albizu University is approved for the undergraduate and graduate education of active military personnel, veterans, and eligible dependents under current public laws. Students who may be eligible under any program administered by Veterans Affairs should visit the following link:

The Registrar’s Office and the Financial Aid Office keep files and other records related to military personnel, veterans, and their eligible dependents in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Students studying under the auspices of Veterans Affairs should contact the Registrar’s Office for advice and information concerning their academic record.

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