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Welcome Message from the President

It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to Albizu University’s Miami campus.  We’re a non-profit higher education institution with a rich history of helping working students advance in their careers, while providing the flexibility and affordability so critical to adult learners. Since its inception in 1966, Albizu has stood for equity and inclusion, and we’re proud of our diverse student body representative of many cultures and ethnicities. We stand at the intersection of innovation, education and behavioral science, inspiring students to turn their passion into a profession and give back to the communities they serve. As our founder Dr. Albizu-Miranda was fond of saying, at Albizu University, “love reaches beyond knowledge.” At Albizu, we teach using an andragogical approach, which means understanding and practicing the science of adult learning by encouraging students to draw from their own past experiences, and blend them with theories and concepts for a powerful learning experience. Through our dedicated team of world-renowned faculty, we transform adult learners into leading professionals of tomorrow.

We encourage you to consider joining our Albizu family, and look forward to meeting you soon!


Nelson E. Soto, Ph.D.
Albizu University

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