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Marketing and Communications Office

Our department is responsible for developing the creation of cohesive marketing and communication strategies, aimed at effectively engaging the University's target audiences. Our team is in charge and coordinates the following areas:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Media Relations
  • Website updates
  • InfoCentral posts
  • Marketing and Communications Standard Operating Procedures

Brand Guidelines at Albizu University

Albizu University has a unique brand identity that sets us apart in every medium—be it through publications, outdoor advertising, newsletters, or personal interactions. Our brand is unified, presenting a consistent face and voice across all platforms, which is crucial for maintaining professionalism and polish in our print and digital communications.

  • You Are a Brand Keeper: As stewards of our brand, you have access to essential tools and guidelines on our website to accurately apply our visual identity, reflecting the dynamic essence of our university.
  • Importance of Consistency: Consistently presenting a unified image enhances our university's value, visibility, and recognition. We all must contribute to this consistency.

Need Assistance or Have Questions? For any questions or assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Avoid making assumptions—our team is here to support you. Contact the Department of Marketing and Communications at for any inquiries or guidance.

Marketing & Communication Standard Operating Procedures

1- Marketing Department Responsibilities and Expertise: All of the following areas need to be submitted through the Marketing and Communication Office:

  • All External Advertising and Media Placement
  • Media relations (before any information is released to media concerning internal or external matters that impact the university)
  • Signage review (interior and exterior)

2- Compliance with Albizu Style Guide for Internal Design Standards: All internally used designs created by departments must adhere to the Albizu Style Guide to maintain consistency with the standards outlined in this manual.

3- Department Supervisor Duties: The department supervisor is responsible for notifying the webmaster of staff directory changes (including photos and bio) and program content updates.

4- Project Timeline Guidelines for Organizing and Servicing Unit Request: To efficiently manage and fulfill requests from the three units, it is important to submit projects according to the deadlines outlined below. This will ensure that each project is given the attention and resources needed for successful completion.

Effective Project Planning: Effective project planning ensures the timely delivery of your projects. Based on our experience, the following are typical minimum timeframes required for completing various types of projects, starting from the day we receive your final and approved content, including both copy and images. "Approved" content refers to final written copy and image selections that have been mutually agreed upon and confirmed.

Standard Project Timelines

  • Standalone poster, flyer, or postcard: 15 days
  • Standalone ad(s) for social media: 15 days
  • Website updates: 15 days
  • Campaigns with several items: 30 days
  • Standalone brochure or booklet: 30 days
  • Artwork for specialty items (e.g., t-shirts): 30 days
  • New website section: 30 days
  • View books, newsletters, and magazines: 60 days

Please note that making substantial changes to the written copy after final approval can significantly slow down production turnaround times. If revisions are necessary, it may result in delays.

Limit on Revisions: We allow for a maximum of two rounds of proofs before producing the final deliverable. This policy highlights the importance of providing approved copy and content from the outset to avoid delays.

Final Approvals and Variables: The Office of Marketing and Communications must grant final approval for all materials. While the above timelines are typical, remember that no two projects are identical. Each project has its unique variables, and timelines are influenced by the project's scope, its position in the editorial calendar alongside other projects, and the availability of resources at the time.

These guidelines are general, and specific timelines for your project may vary based on its unique characteristics and our current workload. Planning ahead and adhering to these timelines will facilitate smoother project execution.

5- Project Request Form: This form is available in the left navigation menu of this page and can also be accessed on the homepage within the gray area at the bottom (footer area) under "Resources" via the link titled "Project Request."

Submission Guidelines: Please ensure you read all sections of the form carefully and provide all necessary information to facilitate the completion of your request. The detailed information you provide is crucial for the Marketing Department to effectively process your requests and implement our strategies.

Follow-up Meetings: Please note, any meetings to discuss or expand upon a project request will be scheduled only after the completion and submission of the online form.
We value the initiatives from all our units and encourage the use of this platform for all future marketing project requests. Thank you for your cooperation in making our project management process more efficient.

6- Staff Training Announcement: To improve workflow and familiarize staff with our marketing processes, we are introducing monthly training sessions. These sessions, led by our Communications and Social Media Manager, Yosué Umpierre, and Website Administrator, Carlos Pérez, are designed for staff members who require them.

Training Topics Include:

  • Adherence to the institution's brand guidelines
  • Publishing on the Albizu InfoCentral platform
  • Posting events on the events calendar
  • Submitting social media publication request

We recommend that each department selects a representative to undergo this training. Please submit the name of your department's designated attendee to and we will coordinate the training date.

Albizu University Social Media Procedures and Guidelines

Albizu University's social media procedures and guidelines ensure responsible and respectful online engagement within our community. Only authorized individuals may represent the university on official accounts, sharing accurate and aligned content. Personal social media use is permitted, with the understanding that personal views do not reflect Albizu University's official stance. The social media guidelines are provided on this page for your use.

Privacy and confidentiality must be respected, and concerns regarding misuse should be reported promptly. Regular training and updates are provided to maintain awareness and compliance. Failure to adhere may result in disciplinary action. These guidelines are periodically reviewed to reflect evolving practices and platforms. Together, we uphold Albizu University's reputation and values online.

Posting Requests on Social Media at Albizu University

Do you have an event, activity, or organization that you think should be featured on our social media platforms? Share the details with us!

  • Please email with the exact wording, relevant links, and any graphics you'd like included in the post.
  • Let us know which platforms you'd prefer the post to appear on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Specify the date you'd like your information to be posted.
  • Kindly provide ample notice, if possible, so we can accommodate your request.
  • All posts require approval from the Marketing Department. If your post is not approved, we'll notify you promptly. Posts must be of relevance to a broad audience and be related to Albizu University.

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Social Media Resources and Guidelines

Our social media administration is available to provide support, answer questions, and offer guidance to ensure that our community effectively navigates the digital landscape while upholding the university's values and standards. With these resources at hand, Albizu University members can confidently engage with social media to showcase their expertise, connect with peers, and contribute positively to our online presence.

Approved Hashtags

Hashtags for Puerto Rico:


Hashtags for Miami:


Albizu University Social Media Influencer Program

If you're passionate about Albizu University and enjoy disseminating news and information on social media, we invite you to continue reading. The Albizu University Influencer Program is designed for current students who are attuned to social media trends and are eager to produce content that showcases their pride in being part of our community, highlighting the exceptional experiences that come with being a member of our institution. To express your interest in becoming an Albizu University Influencer, please complete the form below.

Please note that while this opportunity is an unpaid internship, selected participants will gain invaluable hands-on experience by working directly with the Albizu University Marketing and Communications team.


Social Media Handles

Please Download and Complete the Brief Before Submitting
(Por favor descargar y completar antes de enviar)

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Media Standard Procedures

The Marketing and Communications Office serves the campus community by increasing public awareness of the university and enhancing institutional branding. In addition, it assists other departments in effectively marketing and communicating information about programs, awards, achievements, news and events, and managing crises.

As a standard procedure, the Marketing and Communications Office should be contacted for the following services:

  • Communications support for campus initiatives
  • Publicity plans for university events, speakers, activities, awards, honors, and achievements
  • Media relations and press releases
  • Official statements
  • Press conferences and other media events
  • Editing and clearance of editorial contributions and opinion editorials on behalf of the institution
  • Media training
  • Crisis management

Contact with the Marketing and Communications Office for these services must be submitted using the Project Request Form. All the job requests for communications support must be submitted three weeks in advance of the event or announcement date.

Media Inquiries

The Marketing and Communications Office will manage and coordinate all media inquiries and opportunities for off-campus or external audiences. All media inquiries must be directed to the Chief Marketing Officer or the contact person she may designate.

The Marketing and Communications Office will evaluate the inquiry or media opportunity to provide guidance and coordinate any necessary resources.  It will also provide official messaging and media training.

Crisis Management

Communications involving issues with university-wide significance or of a controversial, sensitive nature, a campus emergency, major crisis, or negative media are to be notified immediately to the Chief Marketing Officer and President, with a copy to the corresponding Chancellor of the Campus where the situation occurred.

The President will activate the crisis management response team to assess the situation and activate a response plan. No employee, staff member, or student is authorized to provide official comments on behalf of Albizu University unless it has been previously cleared with the Chief Marketing Officer, the President, or Campus Chancellor.

Karla Lopez Talero

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Sharrie R. Dean

Interim Chancellor of the Miami Campus

Dr. Julio Santana

Chancellor of the Campus in Puerto Rico and Centro de Mayaguez

Official Accreditation Statements.

The following official statements must be reproduced in appropriate publications and other communication pieces verbatim.

The Brand Identity

The brand identity for Albizu University was carefully developed, aimed at setting us apart in a variety of contexts—be it in publications, digital media or traditional. Every element of this identity reinforces our distinctiveness among our peers.

Our brand transcends mere logos; it's a reflection of our core values:

  • At Albizu, “love reaches beyond knowledge”
  • Excellence in academic programs and services
  • The integral and humanistic development of the student is essential at Albizu
  • Respect for diversity
  • Commitment to social responsibility
  • Updating and integration of knowledge with technological advances
  • Ethical behavior at all organizational levels
  • Commitment to the development of our human resources
  • Openness to academic community participation
  • Operational transparency and administrative efficiency

We operate as a singular brand, speaking with a unified voice and presenting a consistent face to the world. This unwavering consistency ensures that all our print and online communications exude professionalism and refinement.

You are the guardian of our brand. Through this resource, you will learn how to correctly utilize our visual identity, always encapsulating the can-do spirit that defines our institution.

Consistency is key. By upholding a cohesive image, we enhance the value, prominence, and recognition of Albizu University.

Brand Guidelines

All designs developed by internal units of the university, or by outside vendors, should be submitted to the office of Marketing and Communications to ensure consistency with the standards within this manual. For questions about standards or to request review of a design, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

The brand manual below will help the Albizu University present its visual identity and brand message correctly. This manual is, at its essence, a toolkit. It is not designed to inhibit creativity or expression; it is meant to provide a solid, standardized foundation upon which all departments, programs and units can build their marketing and communications plans and materials.

Official Accreditation Statements.

Zoom Backgrounds

Download here Albizu’s Branded High-Definition Backgrounds, ready for Zoom as Virtual Backgrounds.

Staff and Faculty Letterhead Templates

Download here Albizu’s Branded Letterheads, Word template format.

PowerPoint Templates

To access the available ready-to-use PowerPoints for official use on all AU presentations, please download the templates.

Infocentral and Flyer Templates

To access the available ready-to-use templates for official use on all AU communications, please download the templates.

YouTube Guidelines

To upload content on YouTube related to the university, faculty, or staff, please follow our YouTube guidelines.

Fact Sheets

Find all the most accurate and up-to-date information about what makes each of Albizu university’s campuses unique.

Program Locator

Find all the most accurate and up-to-date information about the programs offered in our institution.

Content Guidelines (Editors and Authors only)

If you have Author or Editor access to the Albizu Infocentral WordPress backend, please access the link below to enter the portal to create a post or attach an image, video, or document.

Marketing Team

Karla Lopez Talero

Chief Marketing Officer

Yosué Umpierre Medina

Communications and Social Media Manager

Carlos Perez

Web Master

Sheila Arias

Marketing Asistant

Contact us

Institutional Department of Marketing & Communication

Phone in Miami: 305-593-1223
Phone in Puerto Rico: 787-725-6500

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