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Distance Learning/SARA Agreement

The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) is an agreement among member states, districts, and territories in the United States, which establishes comparable national standards for interstate offering of postsecondary distance education activities. These distance education activities may include, but not be limited to, online courses and certain types of supervised field experiences. SARA is intended to simplify the process of state authorization related to the aforementioned distance education activities by establishing a standard approval process through which institutions may participate in the reciprocity agreement with other member states. At present, all states except for California are members of SARA. Although SARA facilitates state authorization for certain types of distance education activities, the reciprocity agreement has no effect on state professional licensure requirements. To learn more about SARA, please visit:

On April 27, 2020 the Puerto Rico Board of Postsecondary Institutions recommended Albizu University to be part of NC-SARA.  On May 11, 2020 NC-SARA approved institutional participation for Albizu University.

Professional Licensure Disclosures
State Disclosures

The following information is provided in compliance with state regulations related to higher education.  Some state laws require an institution to provide students with specific disclosures.  The following statements are presented in order to comply with these requirements.  Students enrolled in Albizu online programs and residing in the states listed below should review this information.

Albizu University has not made a determination about whether its programs meet the licensure or certification requirements.

The Institution will notify, in writing, all students, applicants, and potential students (collectively “Students”) who have contacted the Institution about a course or program, as to whether or not the Student’s successful completion of the course or program that customarily leads to professional licensure meets state licensing or post-licensing requirements (“Licensure Information”) where the Student is located.

The Student’s location for purposes of providing Licensure Information is where the Student is physically located at the time the Student is in contact with the Institution.  The location is based on where the student is receiving the instruction, not their legal State of residence.  The Institution will determine location based on the address provided by the Student at the time of inquiry or enrollment.  If a Student relocates, the Student must inform the Institution’s registrar’s office in writing of their new location in advance of the move, if possible, but in no case later than one week after changing location.

San Juan Campus Registrar: Maria L. Rivera
Mayaguez University Center Registrar: Maria L. Rivera
Miami Campus Registrar: Fina Campa


Albizu University has in place the following process to determine student location address (Rev. April 2020)

  • When the student applies for admission to the university, he/she needs to provide a location address to the Admissions’ Office.


  • The student certify that the information provided is correct through the acceptance of disclosure in the admission application:


    • Do you certify the following? *I hereby certify that the information provided in this application is true, complete, and accurate. The University has my full permission to verify any information provided in this application or any submitted document regarding my abilities, character, reputation, previous education, employment, and any other relevant information. I hereby release all such parties from liability or damages caused by providing any information to Albizu University and/or its representatives


  • If a student changes his/her location address once admitted and enrolled, they must update the information in our information system through Student Self Service.


  • The student certify that the information provided is correct through the acceptance of disclosure in Student Self-Service platform


    • I hereby certify that the information provided for my location address is true, complete, and accurate. The University has my full permission to verify my location address provided thru Self Service or any submitted document regarding my contact information. I hereby release all such parties from liability or damages caused by providing any information to Albizu University, and/or its representatives.


If the Institution determines that a course or program does not meet requirements in the location where the Student is located, the Institution agrees to provide written notice within 14 days of making this determination.  If the Institution is unable to make such a determination, the Institution will notify the Student that the Institution cannot confirm the Licensure Information and will provide the Student current contact information for any applicable licensing boards in order for the student to attempt to independently determine whether the program meets licensure requirements where the student is located.

The Institution agrees that in cases where the Institution cannot fully deliver the instruction for which a student has contracted as a result of not meeting licensure requirements, it will provide a reasonable alternative for delivering the instruction or reasonable financial compensation for the education the

The Institution’s complaint resolution policies and procedures, as well as the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (“SARA”) complaint resolution policies and procedures, are provided here and are available to all students taking courses under SARA policies.

The Institution agrees to disclose enforcement actions and prosecutions brought against the Institution by a State or Federal law enforcement agency wherein a final judgment, if rendered, would result in an adverse action by an accrediting agency against the Institution, revocation of State authorization, or limitation, suspension, or termination of Title IV eligibility.


Distant Education Student Complaints and Grievances Process


Albizu University provides several means through which a student may address complaints and grievances.  Students are asked to consult their respective Campus Catalog or the General Policies and Disciplinary Procedures Handbook for information on the appropriate grievance procedures. Students are urged to exhaust all possible internal avenues for resolution before filing complaints with external agencies.

To access the Student Complaint and Grievances form, please access the following section within our institutional webpage:

Then, please refer to the left hand side menu to locate the  link for the complaints and grievances form, stored in the following link:

In the unlikely event that an issue cannot be resolved internally, students may file a complaint with the following external agencies:

  1. Institutional/Regional Accreditor: Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) 3624 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-2680.  Phone: 267-284-5000.  The following link provides information on the MSCHE complaint procedures.
  2. State Licensing Authority: If you are located outside of Puerto Rico (for students enrolled in programs at the San Juan Campus and Mayaguez University Center) or the state of Florida (for students enrolled in programs at the Miami Campus while attending Albizu University, in many cases you can file a complaint with an agency within your state of location. The following link provides a list of state agencies for filing student complaints and contact information: .
  3. State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA): SARA is a voluntary, regional approach to state oversight of postsecondary distance education. Institutions that participate in SARA are authorized to provide online and other distance education activities to students from all SARA member states. Institutions that choose to participate in SARA operate under a set of policies and standards overseen by the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) and administered by four regional higher education compacts. Albizu University has been approved by NC-SARA to participate in this reciprocity agreement.
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