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 Strategic Planning

 Strategic Planning

Strategic planning at Albizu University follows a deliberative, disciplined approach to creating fundamental decisions and actions to guide what the university does and why. The Albizu 2022-2025 Strategic Plan is a living document. While the plan has fixed goals for the 2022-2025 period, its objectives may change as environmental circumstances vary. The plan serves as a guide to decision-makers across the university. The plan was designed to be flexible enough to leave significant room for the individual academic units to pursue excellence in ways necessary to those particular units. Simultaneously, the plan allows the university to foster greater coherence, coordination, and unity.

The current strategic plan included a high level of participation from the whole university community. We recognize that participatory processes should permeate every step of the planning process, not only during the elaboration of the plan but also during the implementation and evaluation phases. Therefore, we invite you to provide us with your feedback about how we are doing with the current plan. Please use the following form to let us know what you think.


Albizu University educates professionals in the behavioral sciences, speech pathology, and other disciplines; is committed to research; helps to improve quality of life; and serves diverse communities.


To be an international leader in academic innovation, research, and community services, promoting diversity to generate a transformative social impact.

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