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Five reasons for making Albizu University the place where you turn your passion into a profession.

  1. Expertise

    Since 1966, Albizu University has been a pioneer in teaching psychology, speech pathology, and other subjects. The university has two full campuses and a university center that serve more than 2,000 students per semester.

  2. Accreditations

    Our doctoral programs of Clinical Psychology in San Juan and Miami are accredited by the American Psychology Association (APA), and our master program in Speech and Language Pathology is accredited by the American-Speech Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

  3. Community

    We foster diversity and inclusivity. Both values have been promoted since the beginning by our founder, Dr. Carlos Albizu-Miranda.

  1. The opportunity for REAL practice

    As soon as their second year of college, students from our speech pathology program begin practicing with real life patients.

  2. A reputation in research

    Our students become distinguished researchers that have the chance to change the way we think about psychology, speech pathology, autism, among other fields of study.

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