Bachelor of Science in Psychology (B.S.) General Psychology

Program Overview

The objective of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology Program at Albizu University, Miami Campus, is to provide you with a foundation in the various mental health fields and with the necessary skills for your entry into various graduate degree programs.  Our program integrates social, emotional, and behavioral theories with current trends in psychology and mental health. This will allow you to develop an appreciation for the worth and dignity of all people regardless of their background, origin, and life circumstances.   

Program Highlights

An essential feature of the Albizu University's Bachelor of Science in Psychology Program is to expose you to a variety of multicultural topics which will enhance your knowledge and skills in working with diverse populations.

As a student in the Albizu University’s Bachelor in Psychology Program, your undergraduate studies will be tailored to your academic interests and goals. You may choose to focus your degree in a specific area of study: Cross Cultural Studies, Child Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Health Psychology.

Albizu University students in the Bachelor in Psychology Program have the opportunity to take a selected number of graduate level courses as electives, thus paving the way for entrance into our master’s level programs.

In our Bachelor of Science in Psychology Program, you will be taught by an expert group of faculty with real life practical experience in the field of psychology. 

The availability of day, evening, and weekend classes will provide you with the flexibility and convenience you may need to meet other demands of life.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Albizu University's Bachelor of Science in Psychology Program go on to seek gainful employment as social workers, case managers, human resource professionals, certified addiction professionals, behavioral technicians at hospitals, child life specialist, associate behavior analysts, and entry level positions in corrections and law enforcement. Some of the Albizu University's graduates have applied their studies in psychology to enter the Miami- Dade County Public School system to teach in areas with a critical shortage of teachers.  Others continue their studies at the graduate level in various fields with the added advantage of having the knowledge and understanding of human behavior which enriches their skills.

The historical origin of the Albizu University dates back to the year 1966, when the Puerto Rico Institute of Psychology was founded with the specific objective of offering a Master of Science degree in clinical psychology. At that time, there were very few mental health professionals on the Island and most of them received their professional education outside of Puerto Rico.

Upon completion of professional studies outside of Puerto Rico, returning mental health professionals were confronted with the necessity of adapting their training to Puerto Rican sociocultural realities. The Puerto Rico Institute of Psychology was developed in response to the need for culturally sensitive professional training. SJC continues in this tradition and is today an educational Institution whose programs of study and research are founded, both in theory and practice, on the multicultural heritage of Puerto Rico.

With the establishment of the Miami Campus of the Albizu University in 1980, the Institution responded to the need in the continental USA for graduate psychology programs sensitive to cultural and ethnic issues. Through the programs at its two campuses, the Albizu University professional training that is relevant and responsive to the mental health needs of the communities served and to the needs for culturally sensitive research, thereby contributing to the development of the professions of psychology and health.

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