Doctor of Psychology (Psy. D) in Clinical Psychology

Program Overview

Albizu University established the Doctoral Program in clinical psychology in 1980. For the past four decades, Albizu University has trained doctoral students to provide psychological services, particularly to individuals from ethnically diverse populations. Since 1991, the doctoral program in clinical psychology has been accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). Albizu University’s Psy.D. program in clinical psychology subscribes to the professional-scholar model of training otherwise known as the “Vail” model. This model emphasizes training students to work primarily as clinical service providers, and to be consumers of the scientific literature in their area of clinical practice in order to provide Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology

Doctoral students work closely with faculty dedicated to integrating theory with real world clinical experience, research, cultural competence, and ethical considerations. Students can receive a generalist training in psychology, or may choose to direct their field of study within psychology into one of four specialty areas: neuropsychology, health psychology, child psychology, and forensic psychology. Additionally, Albizu students have the distinct ability to provide clinical services to the culturally diverse population residing in South Florida at a variety of practicum settings. There are over 35 different external practicum training sites in the community (e.g., hospitals, prisons, community mental health centers, etc.). Psy.D. students from AU have a strong presence throughout the South Florida area for providing mental health services.

For applicants who are primarily interested in becoming clinical scientists, our Ph.D. program in clinical psychology may be a better choice of training. 

Program Highlights

To help you achieve your professional goals, five concentrations are offered: 

The Child Psychology Concentration trains students in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of children and adolescents, with an added focus on how social problems impact this population.

The Clinical Neuropsychology Concentration trains students in the assessment, management, and rehabilitation of brain-injured individuals and those diagnosed with degenerative brain disorders.

The Forensic Psychology Concentration trains students to deliver psychological services—including psychodiagnostic assessment, case law, legal standards, and expert testimony—within the judicial and correctional systems.

The Health Psychology Concentration trains students in the delivery of psychological services in medical and healthcare settings.

The General Practice Concetration trains students in the assessment and treatment of mental and emotional disorders as well as in practice management.

In all areas of the program, students work with faculty members who are highly committed and diverse, with proficiency in a wide range of specialties. Faculty brings to the classroom real-world expertise gained from their professional experiences as researchers, practitioners, consultants, and educators. Our students particularly value the faculty’s accessibility and availability in helping them navigate the challenges inherent in the pursuit of a graduate psychology degree.


Our students have the opportunity to enroll in faculty-led research groups, contributing to ongoing research studies by working closely with faculty members on data collection, data analysis, and dissemination of findings. Students are able to participate in assessing research questions and methodologies for new areas of study. Click here to see ongoing research projects


Clinical practicums begin at the Goodman Center, AU’s on-campus clinic, for two consecutive semesters of training. Further on in the program, doctoral students choose from more than 25 practicum sites in the community, including hospitals, prisons, and community mental health centers. They complete an internship during the fifth year of training, selecting from sites such as medical schools, mental health centers, VA hospitals, university counseling centers, private hospitals, prisons, and state hospitals nationwide. Through the work of student practitioners and their supervisors at the Goodman Center and elsewhere, AU is proud to be a strong presence in providing mental health services both in Miami and in neighboring cities and towns.


Albizu University was founded on the premise that the needs of a multicultural society are best served by professionals who are culturally competent and inclusive. In accordance with this mission, the Psy.D. in clinical psychology program provides you with in-depth exposure to diverse populations to enable you to provide culturally sensitive clinical psychology services to an increasingly complex world.


Career Opportunities

The Albizu University’s Psy.D. graduates go on to secure gainful employment, with our most recent alumni survey showing 92% of respondents were working within the field. Once our students become psychologists, they work in a wide range of specialty areas including research, treatment, testing, assessment, supervision, and consultation. In addition, our students can be found in an array of different settings, including hospitals, private practice, universities, research centers and the military. The majority of our graduates are employed in government agencies, private practice, medical centers, or community agencies, many of them holding high level positions. The field of psychology has a promising job outlook. In addition, the demand for bilingual, culturally competent Hispanic clinicians is an area of significant increment due to the demographic changes in the United States and the need for increased mental health services in both Puerto Rico and other areas throughout. The field of psychology has a promising job outlook. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, employment for psychologists is expected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations.

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