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Application, Procedures and Documents

Application, Procedures and Documents

Agencies/Clinical Site Placement

The agencies of the MIPCP Training Committee, also known as Clinical Site Placements (CSP), are administratively independent entities. Every CSP must provide an environment that facilitates and supports the clinical training process of the intern for the practice of psychology within a multidisciplinary health care system. It is an integral part of the intern’s learning process to be able to translate their theoretical knowledge into everyday practice and appreciate teamwork with a professional staff.

Interns are members of a clinical team at each training site. As such, interns share their knowledge and experience with other mental health professionals while providing the following services:

  • Intake and initial assessment
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Psychological assessment
  • In and out patient case management
  • Crisis intervention and,
  • Consultation to community agencies and other professionals


Thus, interns are trained in the same clinical competencies. However, each site may differ in service model and population served. The clinical site becomes available to interns after a review by the Internship Coordinator of the MIPCP and the approval by the Training Committee. This review includes an assessment of the adequacy of the physical facilities and resources, the presence of an appropriate clinical training population, the availability of a licensed clinical psychologist at the site who can provide supervision and additional oversight, and other requirements.

Application and Eligibility: Acceptance Procedures

It is important note that it is the sole responsibility of the applicant to the Internship Program to find an Internship Rotation Site that complies with MUC’s academic and professional standards. The Internship Program reserves the right to reject an application if it is found that the applicant has not completed every academic and administrative requirement needed to qualify. Submitting an application does not guarantee that an applicant will be able to begin his/her internship.

Candidates eligible for any Internship year must complete their academic requirements as described in their program curriculum, including passing the doctoral program exams. The acceptance to the Internship Program requires that the students applying be accepted at any Internship Rotation Site available at the moment of application, in Puerto Rico or at an Internship Program in the United States. The students receive mentorship through the process of applying to post-match vacancy positions of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC).

The Internship Rotation Site in Puerto Rico will establish constant communication with the Internship Program at MUC. The Rotation Site must also provide general information about its functioning and services provided, dates for interviews, amount of stipend, any relevant documents needed for applying (e.g., resume, recommendation letters), and the number of interns they will accept for the following year. The Internship

Program will inform the candidates about the requirements established by the Internship Rotation Sites in orientation meetings scheduled and in the Internship Calendar. Applicants must attend various orientation meetings and submit to the Internship Program Office all the required documentation (application, letters of recommendations, resume, and fees among others) before the due date specified in the Academic Calendar. Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the Internship Program Office. Admission is based on merit criteria in accordance with program requirements and placement availability at the Internship Rotation Sites, which may vary from year to year.

Application and acceptance procedures are as follows:
  1. All application will be reviewed to determine completion of every eligibility criteria. If accepted, the applicant will receive a letter signed by the Internship Program Director that must be presented at every internship rotation site that he/she has considered in order to request an interview.
  2. The internship rotation site is responsible for selecting the applicant/s and notifying their decision by phone to the Internship Program Office.
  3. The Internship Program Office will notify every applicant of the internship rotation sites where he/she was accepted.
  4. The applicant must choose the internship rotation site where he/she will be making his/her internship and notify the decision to the Internship Program Office.
  5. The Internship Program Office will notify the internship rotation sites selected by the interns.
  6. The intern then must sign the Internship Acceptance Form available at the Internship Program Office. The intern is responsible for presenting a copy of this form at the internship rotation site he/she selected.
  7. Finally, the internship rotation site will send a formal letter to the Internship Program Office notifying the names of the interns accepted.
Application Procedures and Documents

These requirements apply to all students from other educational institutions and from abroad that apply to MIPCP.

Applications should include the following information and documents:

  1. Fill out an Mayagüez Internship Program Application for Psychology Internship.
  2. Three reference letters by faculty members and clinical supervisor.
  3. Official certification from the Registrar office, which states that applicants have approved a minimum of 96, credits, as well as having completed practicum hours in clinical work or research.
  4. Curriculum Vitae.
  5. One photograph 2 x 2 (to be submitted after admission).
  6. Copies of the license and recertification (if applicable).
  7. Work sample of a case conceptualization and a psychological assessment report.
  8. Interview - An interview with the Director of the clinical site.
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