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Graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology

This Graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology is aimed at psychologists with a master's or doctoral degree in the areas of clinical psychology, school psychology, and psychological counseling, who have formal training and supervised practice in the areas of psychotherapy and psychological assessment.

The purpose of this graduate certificate program is to prepare psychology professionals to meet the demands of the forensic field and legal issues by diversifying employment scenarios.

In addition, the Forensic Psychology Certificate provides knowledge about the legal system of Puerto Rico, forensic psychological assessments and interventions, consulting techniques, and expert testimony interventions.

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Program Details



Academic Level

Graduate Certificate

Time it takes to complete

1 year

Request Information

Program Director:

Dra. Aixa Negrón

[email protected]
151 Calle Tanca
San Juan, PR 00901

Program Highlights

  • The Forensic Psychology Graduate program will develop a solid base of legal aspects related to applied psychology and will use this emerging knowledge to carry out evaluations, interventions, expertise, and forensic consultancy.
  • The provision of forensic services may include a variety of psycho-legal roles and functions as investigators, assessors, consultants, evaluators, service providers, and mediators.
  • These professionals serve the parties, the lawyers, and the courts.

In Focus

  • The Graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology, consists of 16 credits and lasting one (1) year, consists of three (3) semesters: fall, spring, and summer.
  • It consists of 6 Core/Foundation credits and 10 Concentration/Specialty credits.

Choosing the right university matters.

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  1. Evidence of completion of a Master's or Doctoral degree in Psychology, Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, or Counseling, with a minimum overall average of 3.0 GPA.
    The institution reserves the right to admit candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements. Considering Exceptional admission criteria: Minimum accumulated general average of 2.50 GPA (Grade Point Average). Admitted applicants will have one semester to meet the academic progress satisfactory applicable to their academic level, so that they remain active students in the program for the rest of the course of study. In addition, they must present evidence of research experience (writing, certifications).
  1. Access the following link to complete your application: You can also digitally attach your admission requirements in PDF format.
  2. Send transcripts of official credits from the institutions where you have studied previously to the Admissions Office. The applicant must have passed courses in the area of psychological evaluation or its equivalent: Intelligence Assessment, Personality Assessment: Objective Tests, Personality Assessment: Projective Tests. The applicant must have taken the courses in the area of psychological intervention or its equivalent: Psychotherapy, Advanced Psychotherapy. Please address them to:

PO BOX 9023711
SAN JUAN, PR 00902-3711

  1. Evidence of supervised clinical practice in psychotherapy and assessment.
  2. Two (2) letters of recommendation from a teacher, employer, or community leader
  3. Negative Certificate of Criminal Record. You may apply online at
  4. Original Health Certificate.
  5. Proof of Hepatitis-B vaccination.

After submitting the Application for Admission along with all required documentation, the Campus Admissions Office will evaluate your academic record to determine if you meet the requirements. If eligible, the record is referred to the program director for evaluation, interview and admission determination. The determination of Admission or non-admission to the program will be notified in writing to the applicant through the Admissions Office.

Luego de someter la Solicitud de Admisión junto con toda la documentación requerida, la Oficina de Admisiones del Recinto evaluará el expediente académico para determinar si cumples con los requisitos. De cumplir con los requisitos, el expediente es referido al director del programa para su evaluación, entrevista y determinación de admisión. La determinación de
admisión o no-admisión al programa será notificada por escrito al solicitante a través de la Oficina de Admisiones.

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