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Application, Procedures and Documents

Application, Procedures and Documents

These requirements apply to all students from other educational institutions and from abroad that apply to San Juan Internship Program in Clinical Psychology Consortium (SJIPCPC).

Applications should include the following information and documents:

  1. A statement of purpose for the internship experience specifying the applicants interest in the San Juan Internship Program Consortium, a description of their personal strengths and limitations, long and short term goals in psychology and career plans.
  2. Fill out an AAPI Application for Psychology Internship. These documents can be downloaded from the APPIC web site (
  3. Two reference letters by faculty members.
  4. Official certification from the Registrar office, which states that applicants have approved a minimum of 96, credits, as well as having completed practicum hours in clinical work or research.
  5. Curriculum Vitae.
  6. Copies of the license and recertification (if applicable).
  7. Academic Transcripts.
  8. Work sample of a case conceptualization and a psychological assessment report.
  9. Interview - An interview with the Training Director of the Consortium, Assistant to the Training Director in Clinical Affairs and Clinical Site Placement Director.

Selection Procedures

The selection process of applicants to the SJIPCPC begins with an evaluation of the candidate’s documentation by the Training Director of the Consortium. This evaluation includes:

  • Organization and presentation of the documentation submitted
  • Previous experience of the candidate working with populations that are similar to those served by the agency selected
  • Previous experience of the candidate working with diverse populations
  • The candidate’s experience offering clinical assessment services (total # of hours, type of services)
  • The candidate’s experience offering direct clinical services (total # of hours, type of services)
  • It is discretionary of the Training Director of the Consortium to take  into consideration other criteria

Candidates who fail to pass the initial evaluation process are notified in writing and advised that they might be considered if selected candidates declined the invitation for an interview. Candidates who pass the initial evaluation process will be invited to an interview with a Consortium Agency Clinical Director. Ratings are assigned to each candidate based upon his/her interview according to the guidelines outlined in “Interviewing Applicants with e doctoral Internship Positions”. SJIPCPC members complete the Ranking Form and forward the Form to the Training Director.

Applicants who do not qualify will be notified immediately. The selection of interns is primarily based on rating of the applicant’s qualification for internship program using the following criteria:

  1. An interview with the Clinical Director of the Clinical Site Placement.
  2. Two letters of recommendations from previous professors or training supervisors who know the applicant well.
  3. Transcript of Academic and Practicum work as an indication of the scope of psychological knowledge.
  4. Sample of a case conceptualization
  5. Sample of a psychological assessment report.

Deadline to submit the application is December 1, 2021. Applicants will be considered for the San Juan Internship Program in Clinical Psychology Consortium beginning August 1st, 2022.

The applicants’ files will be reviewed by the selection committee and an interview will be scheduled for selected candidates. Applicants who are not accepted will be notified at the earliest possible date.

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