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Get the Most Out of College by Getting to Know Your Professors!

Did you know that AU’s full-time professors are also student advisors?

As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, Albizu University has demonstrated a commitment to diversity not only with respect to students but also to faculty members. AU’s faculty consists primarily of people of color who both teach and advise students.

Research has shown that academic performance for Black and Hispanic/Latino students is positively affected by contact with supportive faculty members, particularly those who are traditionally underrepresented in academia*. At AU, students are much more likely than students at many other institutions to have educators and mentors from similar backgrounds to them.

Take advantage of attending a uniquely diverse institution and get to know your professors and advisors. Whether you invite your professor out for coffee or set up a regular appointment with your advisor, make a special effort to establish positive relationships with faculty members. They can be your key to success!


How do you get to know your professors? Share your experiences in the comments!


*Baker, C.N. (2013). Social Support and Success in Higher Education: The Influence of On-Campus Support on African American and Latino College Students. The Urban Review, 45(5), 632-650.

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