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A Spanish Student’s Experience at Albizu University

My name is Belén Aguilera. I am from Seville, a city in the south of Spain. There I obtained my degree in Psychology. I currently live in Córdoba, where I am enrolled in a master’s program in General Health Psychology.

This master’s program has partnerships with different universities and psychology centers in several countries, which allows students to study abroad, enabling them to live a unique experience and to increase their knowledge and practice in psychology. One of those destinations is Albizu University, Miami Campus, where I arrived at the beginning of October 2017, receiving a warm welcome from everyone, both staff and students.

I am very interested in cultural diversity and migration, and I found that Albizu University helps me build upon those interests. Besides, South of Florida and, more specifically, Miami, has a context rich in multiculturalism because of its location and history.

About my experience in Albizu University, I am attending the didactic training that the Psy. D. students receive in the Goodman Center where every week a topic is presented by different professionals. In the Research Center I met Dr. Proctor, who has helped me address any concern I may have about the university or the city. He introduced me to Dr. Ellis, who gave me the opportunity to write an article for The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, where I am currently working. I also attended the Hatian Mental Health Summit, which took place at the beginning of October, and which I found really interesting.

Beyond the university, I am attending the Coordinated Victims Assistance Center (CVAC), where a number of Psy. D. students from Albizu University intern. CVAC offers a holistic assistance to victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse, having in the same center advocates, lawyers, psychologists, etc. There, I am working with the psychologist and internship students to become familiar with this service and especially with the psychology department.

Although I am here for only two months, I consider myself very lucky to have this opportunity and thankful to all of those who made it possible, especially the Provost, Dr. Etiony Aldarondo, and the director of my master’s program, Juan Antonio Moriana.

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