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MIA - Maria Alonso

Maria Alonso Mahoney, PsyD

Director of Internship at Goodman Psychological Services Center, Associate Professor

Goodman Center, PsyD Program

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (305) 593-1223 Ext. 3185


Current Title & Duties

Maria Alonso-Mahoney, PsyD
Director of Internship at Goodman Psychological Services Center
Associate Professor – Doctoral Program Psychology
Albizu University - Miami Campus

Dr. Maria Alonso-Mahoney is the Director of the American Psychological Association (APA)-accredited Psychology Doctoral Internship program at the Goodman Psychological Services Center, which is the in-house training clinic for psychology doctoral students from Albizu University. She served as Chief Psychologist in 2012, and then promoted to the Director of Internship in 2015.

Since 2006, Dr. Alonso-Mahoney has been providing individual, weekly clinical supervision to practicum students and interns at the Goodman Psychological Services Center.



Dr. Alonso-Mahoney has been licensed to practice in Florida as a Clinical Psychologist for the past 15 years and has been working in the field for more than 25 years, dedicating her career mostly in the area of psychological evaluations and diagnostic assessments. Her experience and knowledge in the area of psychological assessment is quite extensive, completing over 1,000 psychological and psychoeducational evaluations, and has trained and supervised doctoral level psychology students (at the practicum level, interns and post-doctorate level) in numerous cases (300+ cases), with a wide range of populations across the life span and diverse cultures.

Dr. Alonso-Mahoney has provided expert testimony in both dependency and juvenile delinquency court matters, and particularly in cases involving child abuse and neglect. Her psychological evaluation and assessment experiences have included Court-ordered parental fitness evaluations, recommendations for supervised/unsupervised/or therapeutic visitation rights, custody placement, residential treatment recommendations, termination of parental rights, child ability to testify, juvenile delinquency, custody litigation, mental competency to stand trial, disability determinations, vocational rehabilitation assessments, extreme hardship for immigration matters, gifted testing, autism spectrum and ADHD diagnostic testing, and extensive psychoeducational evaluations to determine learning disorder and special education accommodations.

Research / Research Interests

Dr. Alonso-Mahoney's research interests include psychological and psycho-educational testing, forensic evaluations, custody evaluations, trauma related to child maltreatment, and ability to parent assessments.

Academics, Education, Certifications

Since 2012, Dr. Alonso-Mahoney has been an Assistant Professor at Albizu University. She was awarded and honored as Faculty of the Year in 2015 for excellence in the workplace and commitment to the advancement of Albizu University, Miami Campus. Dr. Alonso-Mahoney wrote and submitted the self-study for the Goodman Psychological Service Center’s Psychology Doctoral internship program in order to seek full APA accreditation, which resulted in the Commission on Accreditation granting the Goodman’s internship program 10 years of accreditation. This is the first time that the Goodman Psychological Services Center’s Psychological Doctoral internship program has received APA accreditation since its inception in 1980.

Recent Publications

No recent publications.

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