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Junta de Síndicos

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Albizu University, composed of a maximum of 18 external members, one of them alumni of the institution. It exercises the power and authority that the law confers to the organization, oversees to ensure the academic and fiscal sustainability of the university, and establishes policies in all university areas.

The authority of the board is discharged through the following committees, whose responsibilities are defined in corporate bylaws and other internal regulations.

  1. Executive Committee (board officers)
  2. Academic and Student Affairs Committee
  3. Audit, Compliance and Integrity Committee
  4. Capital Development and Institutional Advancement Committee
  5. Finance, Investment, Compensation and Planning Committee
  6. Institutional Infrastructure Committee
  7. Nominating and Governance Committee

Presidente Electo

Secretario Interino

Gualberto Rodriguez

Síndico Emérito

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