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CAU expands undergraduate program at Miami campus

Published on viernes, 7 de junio de 2013

CAU expands undergraduate program at Miami campus

Global warming, stem cells, human health, forensics, and the environmental impact of waste!

Carlos Albizu University expands undergraduate program at Miami campus

Global warming, stem cells, human health, forensics, and the environmental impact of waste! Carlos Albizu University recognizes the need for an educated citizenry that understands the concepts of science as they relate to these pressing societal issues. As our world is progressively dominated by science and technology, one has only to step into the new Title V-funded undergraduate wing to feel the energy and excitement as we open the doors of Carlos Albizu University’s new state-of-the-art science labs, technology-infused language labs and classrooms.

The science laboratories are fully equipped to engage biology students in hands-on science experiments related to the scientific method, molecular structures, mitosis and asexual reproduction, human genetics, population ecology, and ecosystems. In the fall of 2013, we introduce Human Anatomy and Physiology as well as Chemistry for the Health Sciences courses, each with laboratory sessions.

On the language arts track, Carlos Albizu University is advancing students in need of remediation through a co-curricular intervention. This innovative approach was developed by the Title V undergraduate staff in conjunction with our undergraduate psychology adjunct faculty and our education technology specialist, Ms. Leigh Hardaway. Students enrolled in English composition courses are expected to participate in a language arts remedial intervention during the course of two semesters while completing their English composition coursework. The remediation uses the evidence-based Plato Learning Environment®, takes place online, is monitored by faculty, and allows students to work on their language arts skills while enrolled in other courses.

Remediation trends in the USA are moving in this direction, as legislation challenges the use of state and federal funding for remediation that is prolonged, bears no credit toward degree, and in many cases saps educational aspirations. For more information, read the Complete College America report published in 2012. Carlos Albizu University is proud to serve our students’ remediation needs in a way that makes sense and produces intended results. In this initiative, Carlos Albizu University is ahead of the curve.

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