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Millennials modify the workplace...

Millennials modify the workplace...

A study presented by Dra. Di Dona and Arlouwe Sumer -Albizu Miami- brings out a different perspective of generations

 As “Millennials” enter the workforce companies and workplaces are forced to content with this new generation of highly educated, hyper-collaborative employees. Who are the "Millennials"? How do they impact the workplace? These were some of the many questions that Arlouwe Sumer, student of the Albizu University in Miami asked during the online program of Industrial Organizational (IO). Arlouwe with the collaboration of his mentor Dr. Toni DiDona, published the first research article in the online program IO in Miami. The article titled Millennial Motivations and the Impact on the Organizational Culture investigates these issues that impact the workplace.
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New Registrar appointed at Albizu University

New Registrar appointed at Albizu University

María de Lourdes Rivera Nieves aims to take the Office of the Registrar to another level, in tune with the times

Anyone who has attended a university has knocked, at least once, on the door of the Office of the Registrar, either to apply for a credit transcript or to get some official document.  After all,  this office "is the memory file of a university,¨ according to María de Lourdes Rivera Nieves, our newly appointed Registrar.

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Homenaje póstumo al Dr. José Toro-Alfonso

Egresados, estudiantes, facultativos y amigos sicólogos se reunirán para celebrar su vida

El evento se llevará a cabo en el Teatro del Recinto de San Juan, de 7:00 a 8:00 p.m.. El Dr. José Toro-Alfonso fue uno de nuestros egresados destacados, colaboró y enalteció a nuestra institución a donde quiera se desempeñó como psicólogo.

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Workshop @ Albizu San Juan

Clinic Interventions for Depression Diagnosis

This workshop will bring knowledge for diagnosis and treatments for depression on adults. This Friday the 17th, from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at Albizu San Juan. More information calling (787) 407-7704. Professionals  $65; Alumni $55; Students $49.

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A blog for a friendly information access

A blog for a friendly information access

This tool allows the library to give the students a new learning experience.

In accordance to its strategic plan, the Albizu University, San Juan campus, library aims to train students to acquire knowledge and skills independently. In order to reach this goal, we have excellent resources in all the disciplines taught at our campus. Furthermore, we offer training, with cutting-edge technologies, in the management of such resources. The library´s Information Skills Program was created with this goal in mind.
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