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Spirituality as a Therapeutic Tool

Published on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spirituality as a Therapeutic Tool

A book about the impact of spirituality on the health and psychological wellbeing of people will be presented at AU

Norma Borges

San Juan, Puerto Rico – The Dean of Students at Albizu University (AU) recently announced the presentation of the book "Spirituality in the Clinic: Integrating Spirituality in Psychotherapy and Counseling," written by Juan González, an Associate Professor of Psychology at AU.

 The book is a text specially designed to train graduate students and professionals in the field of behavioral sciences to help them explore and develop their clients´ spiritual dimension.

The text serves the needs of anyone who feels special concern about the use of prayer and meditation in therapeutic processes,  among other interesting topics. 

"We are aware that the relationship between spirituality and the healh and psychological wellbeing of people is raising a lot of interest among professionals.  Because of this, the book examines the subject from different points  of view. It describes methods to intervene and evaluate and it also  deals with the ethical implications of the use of spirituality in our professional practice,¨  explained professor González, who teaches psychology, humanities and history of Puerto Rico.

The book ´s six chapters address the main theme: spirituality as a therapeutic tool. This objective is accomplished through the clarification of definitions, the presentation of theories and the discussion of the history of the psychology of religion as well as the identification of stages in a person´s  spiritual development.

 It also reviews some practical principles and describes models of clinical evaluation of spirituality.

The book ends with an ample description of  spiritual intervention techniques. It also offers information about references and sources  as well as a practical index of concepts and terms used by the author and information on the pages where they appear.

  "In this book Juan defines the concept of spirituality in a concrete but far-reaching way. He then proceeds to present it   as a holistic approach that addresses and integrates the therapeutic benefits of spirituality and incorporates them in the processes of support, without excluding the ethical implications of this integration," said Dr. Jaime Veray Alicea, who will be in charge of the presentation of the author.

 Professor González will present his book which will be discussed by a  panel composed of Dr. Aracelis Rodríguez (AU´s Psychological Counseling Doctoral Program); Dr. Noel Quintero (AU´s Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program), and professor González himself. Specifically the panelists will address various methods of intervention, the evaluation process and the ethical implications of the use of spirituality in the professional practice of psychology.  

Professor Juan González has a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and Philosophy, a Master of Arts in Theology and Biblical Studies and  a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. Currently he is getting ready to present his dissertation  in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program.

 The public as well as students, teachers and professionals in the field of behavioral sciences are invited to attend  the presentation. The activity will take place on March 17, from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., in Room 208, at the Old San Juan Campus of Albizu University.

The book can be purchased by  accessing www.psicoespiritualidad.com, by writing to jgonzalez@psicoespiritualidad.com, or by visiting the bookstore Euroamericana in Santurce.

Contact: Norma Borges / Director of Communications at Albizu University (787) 447-0130





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